Looking for opportunities in Sweden/Denmark or remote #jobs

Dawn Brushammar


I posted about my search on LinkedIn and was referred to this group. Happy to join the group. I will paste my “open to work” post here. Looking forward to connect with other experts whether or not you can help in my current search! 




As I wrap up my current contract project at the end of the year I am seeking a new opportunity in knowledge/content/data management. I am highly skilled in knowledge management, taxonomy, controlled vocabularies and information organization. I am open to work in related fields as well. 

My professional journey has been incredibly diverse thus far, from building custom databases for the Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago to working at a total of four university libraries and a school. Throw five transatlantic moves and several corporate knowledge and information roles into the mix (including several years in Knowledge Management at McKinsey & Company in New York and Copenhagen) and you’ll find a pretty unconventional mix of experience and skills.

The common theme in all of my professional experiences has been applying my passion to make information and knowledge easily accessible. This is done by identifying and organizing it efficiently so that the right people can retrieve it wherever and whenever they need it. My practical application of this has ranged across picture books for kids, research articles for university students, reusable knowledge for consultants, dashboards for executives, proprietary databases for television producers, and much more. 


- American and Swedish citizen (able to work for employers based in the US and all EU countries)

- 25+ years post graduate degree experience across multiple industries and geographies including managing global teams.


- Native level fluency in English and Swedish

- Highly organized (even ran my own professional organizing and productivity business for a few years)

- Experience running global teams and projects remotely

Open to: 

- Remote, Hybrid, Malmö area, Copenhagen area, elsewhere in Skåne. 

- Full time, Part-time, Contract

I am happy to send a more detailed CV - just reach out. Recommendations and introductions appreciated. Thank you!