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Bruce Karney <bkarney@...>

Hi Stan,

I really liked your 2-pager on KM. It really packs a lot of content
into a small space.

A book I read recently that I think is really quite good about
setting up and leading COPs is "Company Command" by Nancy Dixon.

It may overlap with Wenger's book (which I haven't read), but it is
short, easy to read, and full of good examples. The software package
used by Company Command and other U.S. Army COPs comes from a Canadian
(!) company called Tomoye.

My take-away from reading the book is that ENTHUSIASM and
PERSONALIZATION of communication between the facilitator and
contributors, especially new contributors, is a key success factor.
It also helps to know that material you share may actually save a
fellow soldier's life. I don't know how "regular businesses" can
inject this kind of urgency and importance into participating in
their COPs, but I'd love to hear some stories from anyone who has
done it or seen it done.



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Garfield, Stan <stanley.garfield@...>

>I noticed when Stan sent out his note the other day that the link on the website to his material was not working. Has that been fixed?

The link on the posted version is still bad, but it will eventually be fixed by Nancy's webmaster.  The correct link is:


Setting up a Knowledge Management Program: Guidelines, Resources and Tools



One of our members, Jack Vinson, blogged about the article today:


Sharing Knowledge by Design



If anyone else would like to do the same, please feel free, and let me know so that I can thank you.




StanGarfield <stanley.garfield@...>

The link in the version posted by Chrysalis International has now been

Also, I added more books, periodicals, blogs, and web sites to the
list, and the updated version has been posted at destinationKM
(http://www.destinationkm.com/ ) as "Setting up a KM Program"
(http://www.line56.com/articles/default.asp?ArticleID=7317&TopicID=10 ).